Fever: Find out when it becomes dangerous and how to treat the problem – 09/15/2022

Body temperature typically fluctuates a number of occasions throughout the day. But the physique has the means to keep inner warmth between 36°C and 37°C. When this restrict is exceeded, a fever happens, which can also be known as pyrexia.

You most likely already thought that fever is a illness. But in actual fact, it is an indication that one thing is flawed with the physique. It typically doesn’t imply a severe well being situation and even disappears by itself. However, if the temperature rises quite a bit, that is often a symptom that deserves medical analysis.

Then verify out particulars on what causes a fever, when you want therapy, and how to take your temperature appropriately.

Causes of fever

The mind has an space known as the hypothalamus that displays the stability between the manufacturing and lack of physique warmth. When the immune system reacts to some sort of aggression, the hypothalamus raises its temperature to struggle the illness. This ends in a fever, which is commonly the physique’s response to struggle off invaders.

Among the causes of fever are:

  • Viral (reminiscent of covid-19) or bacterial (reminiscent of meningitis or pneumonia) infections;
  • warmth exhaustion, sunburn, or overexposure to the solar (warmth stroke);
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Some tumors;
  • Use of medicines, reminiscent of antibiotics and medicines to treat hypertension or seizures
  • Mild response from vaccines;
  • dehydration;
  • Abuse of alcohol or sure medication.

Symptoms accompanying fever

Fever - Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images - Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Thermometer exhibits temperature attributable to coronavirus

Image: Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto by way of Getty Images

Depending on what’s inflicting the fever, different indicators might happen. The most typical are:

  • Sweating, i.e. extreme sweating;
  • Chills and chills;
  • headache;
  • Muscle ache;
  • lack of urge for food;
  • irritability;
  • dehydration;
  • General weak spot.

In extra extreme circumstances, excessive fever causes psychological confusion, delusions and convulsions.

forms of fever

Did you already know that there are totally different ways in which fever manifests itself? It is vital to distinguish whether or not there’s a sample to assess the severity of signs and even to determine the trigger. See particulars for every kind.

Prolonged fever: it is the one that’s supported, that’s, there may be little oscillation.

Relapsing fever: when the temperature varies by greater than 2°C.

Intermittent fever: the symptom comes and goes and the particular person fluctuates between excessive and regular temperatures.

Irregular fever: As the title suggests, there are uneven temperature variations, alternating between excessive peaks and sharp drops.

Fever of unknown origin: excessive fever a number of occasions for not less than three weeks and persists for no obvious motive.

Recurring fever: when the particular person has durations of fever adopted by lengthy symptom-free intervals.

How to measure temperature?

The finest approach to diagnose a fever is by measuring the physique temperature with a thermometer. The superb is to place it in the armpit space, positioned appropriately and anticipate the studying time. With a mercury thermometer, the time varies from 2 to 10 minutes.

It is price taking the temperature at totally different occasions of the day and additionally noting the hours and modifications offered. It is price noting that the febrile state begins to be thought-about from 37.8 ° C. Fever is taken into account delicate up to 38.5 ° C and extreme when it reaches or exceeds 39.5 ° C.

How is fever identified and handled?

Fever is identified by measuring physique temperature. To discover out the causes, the physician can order checks (blood, urine and imaging) after analyzing the particular person’s medical historical past.

At this stage of the session, you may be requested if the particular person has traveled not too long ago, what vaccines have been given, if the fever is accompanied by different signs, or if they’ve had contact with somebody who has not too long ago been sick.

Generally, based mostly on the assortment of those knowledge and examinations, a prognosis will be made and a therapy plan developed. To scale back the fever, medical doctors prescribe fever-controlling medication reminiscent of dipyrone or acetaminophen. This additionally helps scale back discomfort reminiscent of chills and malaise.

It is vital to keep away from self-treatment, which might masks some signs of the illness and in some circumstances worsen the situation.

When is fever a problem?

It is vital to word that in case of persistent fever for greater than three days, the suggestion is to search medical assist to decide the causes and begin therapy as quickly as attainable.

It’s additionally price preserving an eye fixed out for different signs reminiscent of a extreme headache, stiff neck, spots on the physique, low blood stress, shortness of breath, problem respiration or fast respiration.

People with compromised immune techniques, reminiscent of these with HIV or most cancers, ought to search medical consideration as quickly as a fever develops. In addition, those that have diabetes, kidney issues or have not too long ago undergone surgical procedure ought to pay extra consideration to the symptom.

In these circumstances, it is obligatory to have an examination to make it possible for every little thing is ok with the physique or different medical interventions are wanted.

Caution with youngsters

When fever impacts youngsters, it is vital to redouble consideration, particularly if it exceeds the temperature of 37.5°C in infants below three months and reaches above 39°C in younger youngsters. It’s additionally vital to verify for different related signs reminiscent of a runny nostril, cough, or diarrhea.

Often, a fever in youngsters doesn’t imply something severe. It can happen due to an ear an infection, gastroenteritis or viruses. However, it can also be a symptom of illnesses reminiscent of meningitis, kidney an infection and pneumonia.

Child with fever - iStock - iStock

a toddler with a fever

Image: iStock

In addition, there’s a threat of febrile seizures when the physique temperature rises quickly. In such circumstances, there’s a lack of consciousness, trembling of the limbs on each side of the physique, rolling of the eyes and/or stiffness of the physique. It often doesn’t trigger any penalties, however it can occur once more.

Parents needs to be conscious if the baby could be very irritable, cries quite a bit, has a “mushy” physique, is apathetic (no response), doesn’t need to eat. See a pediatrician instantly if you happen to discover reddened pores and skin, problem bending the neck, persistent vomiting, lack of urination, psychological confusion, and problem respiration.

Ways to scale back the temperature and suggestions

You will need to have heard that to decrease the temperature at dwelling, it is finest to take a chilly bathe. However, the consultants consulted by Live properly emphasize that it is good to preserve the water heat, which helps to loosen up and scale back physique temperature.

Anyone with a fever also needs to drink loads of fluids to stop dehydration. It is vital to drink water, juices and teas. This additionally helps regulate physique temperature.

Sick woman resting - iStock - iStock

A sick lady resting after a fever

Image: iStock

Another suggestion is to relaxation, as any exercise raises the temperature. Also keep away from extra clothes and blankets to stop warmth retention.

Also, chilly compresses with a moist fabric on the brow and torso might help deliver down a fever.

Even if a fever reduces your urge for food, you continue to want to eat proper. Invest in a light-weight and nutritious weight loss plan, with simply digestible meals reminiscent of broths, soups and purees.

Sources: João Pratsinfectious illness specialist at BP – A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo; Igor Brazil Brandaospecialist in infectious illnesses at Hospital da Bahia and Jaime Emmanuel Britospecialist in infectious illnesses at the Alcides Carneiro University Hospital in Campina Grande (PB), affiliated to the Ebserh community.

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